Why SCI?

For nearly two decades, The Southern California Institute has been a Thought Leader Community serving professional advisors and care-giving organizations, and the families they wish to impact.

The common link is a desire to thrive beyond the status quo of what’s known to be available. It’s a fundamental belief that more is out there, and if it isn’t we’ll create it together. That’s why we call it Care to Know.

In our Care to Know model, we own curiosity as our first reaction. How can the advisory community do better for the families we serve and the firms we’re building? As care providers such as healthcare communities and cause-driven organizations, how can resources and collaboration enhance the value of support?

The heart of our model is helping people master collaboration itself as a craft. We define collaboration as the art and science of how people work together to create better outcomes. It’s a process of celebrating different perspectives, disciplines and resources to thereby enhance the value of the work at hand.

In our community, participants find themselves receiving and contributing in unanticipated ways. They often remark that there’s liberation in the power of We. This We-driven mindset sets a transformation in motion. With our community as your resource, you don’t have to master the answer to every quandary. Instead you become courageously armed with the right questions, and a think tank of best-in-class professionals equipped with the answers.

why SCI