Our Evolution

Joe Strazzeri and Steve Mancini created SCI in 2002 with two fellow attorneys and friends, Vito Lanuti and Danny Wexler (Wexler is now an attorney with Strazzeri Mancini), and Strazzeri’s then assistant, Jennifer Hartwell, with the idea to “Educate to Motivate” – bringing advisors from different financial, legal, and accounting disciplines together to learn from each other.  Though much of the content SCI offers is technical in nature, what makes it unique is that all programs are geared toward providing language and tools that help advisors attract, engage, and work with their favorite clients.

The National Stage

Lightfoot believes one of the best ways to be known as a subject matter expert or thought leader in your field is to teach about it – and stay focused on leading with value.

“When Joe and Steve were a part of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys back in the day, they became close to several of the other members, of which a group of them eventually joined together to form a new network called WealthCounsel.  I know the guys are so thankful for their early involvement and partnership with the WC owners, specifically, Robbie Trudeau, Lew Dymond, and Carl Waldman. Teaching at a National level, designing document software, and creating community has forged so much opportunity,” says Lightfoot.  

When Lightfoot joined the firm in 2009, Strazzeri and Mancini had searched for the right talent to help rebuild SCI for over a year.  It has been a harmonious fit and Lightfoot now oversees all 3 companies, works closely with the partners to determine direction and implementation, and is a partner in TFG.

The digital expansion of SCI, called the SCI Academy, was created in 2016 and has also been instrumental in expanding SCI programs, offerings, and membership across the country.  SCI is a Thought Leader Community providing resources, education, and advice via collaborative think tanks, events, programs, online content, and introductions. The heart of the model is helping people master collaboration itself as a craft.  SCI defines collaboration as the art and science of how people work together to create better outcomes. It’s a process of celebrating different perspectives, disciplines and resources to thereby enhance the value of the work at hand.

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