In each of the 6 day long courses you will: 1) review a variety of Individual and Integrated Wealth Transfer and Income Tax Strategies; 2) review and design in collaborative groups an actual affluent case from facts, meeting notes, asset schedules, and collaborative partner ideas/concepts from a case study approach; and 3) learn what it takes to attract and engage clients through each step of the Review, Design, and Implementation stages of the collaboration process for affluent families and businesses.

FEC301:     “Stark” Case Study & The Review Process
FEC302:     “Kaplan” Case Study & Review Practice Labs
FEC303:     “Harper” Case Study & The Design Process
FEC304:     “Lesse” Case Study & Design Practice Labs
FEC305:     “Cane” Case Study & The Implementation Process
FEC306:     “Messina” Case Study & Implementation Practice Labs

Course Descriptions

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