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Asset Preservation Strategies, Inc.

You’ve built your net worth all your life; now’s the time to protect it from estate and income taxes. We can help. We want to inspire our clients; we want them to create a positive vision for themselves and for future generations.

California Estate and Elder Law

Full spectrum planning – from estate planning, to elder care planning, to estate settlements – helps families preserve both their assets and their relationships.

Dunham & Associates

When Performance Counts.  We strive for achievement beyond the commonplace and welcome you to discover our difference.

Dunham Trust Company

Building relationships that last generations.  At Dunham Trust Company, we strive to understand your unique requirements and take a highly personalized approach to wealth preservation and management.

The Financial Team, Inc.

Creating your financial independence through Institutional Portfolio Management, Tax-Deferred Real Estate Exchanges and Income Tax Planning.

Founders Group

The Founders Group is a consultative business advisory firm, specializing in working collaboratively with entrepreneurs, owners of closely held businesses, to enhance their business’ performance in order to gain:

More Money

  • Enhanced process efficiency
  • Customers experience the value
  • Ability to price for the value delivered
  • Enhanced profitability

More Time

  • A focus on their unique skills
  • A focus on what they enjoy doing
  • Delegation without losing control
  • Dedication to family and personal interests

InterActive LegalSuite

A collection of the most expansive document drafting and productivity tools on the market.

The Laureate Center for Wealth Advisors

A collaborative group of financial advisors, attorneys, CPA’s, life insurance professionals, and other interdisciplinary professionals who meet the needs of wealthy families by helping them achieve their enlightened dreams.  Laureates develop a quiet confidence through education, training and sharing of life experience.

Strazzeri Mancini LLP

Protecting Families and their Assets. We take joy in serving the needs of our clients and look forward to speaking with you about how we may serve you and your family.

W. Vito Lanuti & Associates, P.C.

Helping You Protect Your Legacy and Provide For Your Family

Wealth Counsel, LLC

Providing Knowledge and Tools to the Estate Planning community