Professional Advisors and Caregiving Organizations with Their Clients and Families

FamilyCare™ Workshops are informational courses, seminars, and educational series offered to support groups, business owners, real estate owners, and families. The FamilyCare™ Workshops are designed to introduce clients and families to the various professional advisors, caregivers, organizations, and communities to keep them abreast of the various legal, financial, tax, long-term care, and personal planning options – as well as enhance the value of support provided.

Further, advisors and caregivers are enabled to share their experience and expertise with clients and families in an educational environment that inspires implementation.

Educate to Motivate

Through our extensive program options, SCI can help professional advisors and caregiving organizations increase their client marketing, interaction, level of support, and relationships through the theory of “Educate to Motivate.” FCWs offer advisors and caregivers “Language and Tools” that attract new clients, engage current clients with additional opportunities, and re-approach and engage prospective clients. The FamilyCare™ Workshops also offer advisors, caregivers, and the institutions that they work within, the “Language and Tools” to increase cross referral and collaborative opportunities.

FCW Curriculum

FamilyCare™ Workshops are comprised of Levels 100 and 200 courses, including the Community & Support Group Series, Family EstateCare™ Series, the Family BusinessCare™ Series, the Family FinancialCare™ Series, the Family Real EstateCare™ Series, and the Asset Protection Series.

The events are offered in a variety of formats, including 1-2 hour informal discussions, 1-2 hour educational workshops, half-day courses, 1-2 day courses, and formal multi-day programs sponsored by professional institutions.

Level 100

Community & Support Group Series 100

The Family EstateCare™ Series

The Family BusinessCare™ Series

The Family Real EstateCare™ Series

The Family FinancialCare™ Series

Level 200

Community & Support Group Series 200

The Asset Protection Series


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