The Gathering

Networking, Learning, and Advice
The Gathering is an annual event in February for all advisors in Estate, Business, and Wealth Strategies Planning. The format of the two-day event is designed to to engage all participants in a conversation where audience interaction is as critical as what is communicated from presenters who are experts in their field who enjoy sharing and who give of themselves and their time.

The Gathering is the premiere wealth, business, and estate planning event in our industry.  This valuable program provides a practical understanding of current events in estate, business, tax, insurance and wealth strategies planning to keep you and your Independent Collaborative Advisor on the cutting edge.  The program includes the best of the information gathered at the Heckerling Institute of Estate Planning and insights provided by Laureates and colleagues.

The Gathering is also a powerful opportunity to bring your top advisors and demonstrate to them the opportunities and values they gain by working with professionals like you.  They will see and learn how you collaborate with your advisor team and the resources available to you.  By participating in this event with you, advisors become motivated and excited about the possibility of working with you.  Because in today’s complex world, no one person can be an expert in all areas, The Gathering highlights the interdisciplinary opportunities related to the information presented to enable advisors to work together and develop new relationships.

The Gathering is a powerful event to attend whether or not you are a Laureate member.  For members, it is one of the most impactful benefits available to you.
The format of the two-day Gathering is designed to engage all participants in an informal team teaching setting, where dialogue and audience interaction is as important as what is communicated from the front of the room.  The presenters are each experts in their field who enjoy teaching and who give of themselves and their time.  Their unique skills, experience, expertise, and judgment are truly invaluable when blended with the incredible breadth and depth of talents and experience of the audience.