Practice Developer Programs

Gain Knowledge To Share With Clients

Through our extensive institutional program options, SCI works with groups of professionals to increase their knowledge and relationship skills in order to facilitate stronger and more complete planning packages for their clients’ futures. The Practice Developer Program offers advisors “Language and Tools” that attract new clients, engage current clients with additional opportunities, and re-approach and engage prospective clients. The PDP also offers advisors and the institution they work within the “Language and Tools” to spot issues, increase cross referrals, and capture overlooked opportunities.

Inspire Action

The Practice Developer Program (PDP) allows the Institute to reach out and share with other institutions, including banks, broker dealers, law and CPA firms, financial planning firms, and wire houses. Through our extensive program options, SCI can help professionals increase their knowledge and relationship skills in order to facilitate stronger and more complete financial planning packages for their clients’ futures. SCI has presented these 1 1⁄2 to 8 hour programs monthly to institutions such as: Bank of America, Citibank, Community First National Bank, Comprehensive Financial Group, Edward Jones, Peterson & Company, Union Bank of California, Wachovia, Wells Fargo, Hartford Life Insurance, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Prudential, and others.

PDP Curiculum

Practice Developer Programs are comprised of 12 six-month programs featuring 100, 200, and 300 Level courses, including:


The programs are held once a month, for six consecutive months. With completion of each 6 month certification program, SCI hosts a 3 hour certification review and examination, allowing graduates of the PDP to become Certified EstateCare™ Advisors (CECA) , Certified BusinessCare™ Advisors (CBCA)™, Certified FinancialCare™ Advisors (CFCA), and Certified Real EstateCare™ Advisors (CRECA)™, Certified FinancialCare™ Advisors (CFCA), Certified AssetProtection™ Advisors (CAPA™), Certified Charitable Advisors (CCA ™), Certified Insurance Life Insurance Advisors (CLIA ™), Certified Integrated Wealth Strategies Advisors (CIWSA ™), or Certified Collaborative Wealth Planners (CCWP ™) respectively.

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