Is the Laureate Program Right for Me?

To find out more about if The Laureate Program is right for you, we suggest the following four steps:

  1. Participate in a Laureate Practice Conversation
  2. Complete The Practice Diagnostic
  3. Review The Three Pillars of the Laureate
  4. Talk with the Laureate Center for Wealth Advisors


The Laureate Understandings of:

  1. Help Families with Taxable Estates:
    • ATTRACT — With the Benefits You Offer
    • ENGAGE — Through the Process You Have
    • WORK — With Understandable Strategies and Products
  2. Develop Integrated Wealth Plans:
    • Through Listening and Communicating to Understanding
  3. Learn How to Have a Practice That is:
    • A Profitable Business, Not a Job
  4. Gain For You, Your Team, and Your Family:
    • More Money and More Time

Laureate Understands (click > to play. Listen on iPad/Smart Device.)

The Practice Diagnostic™ is designed to help you learn more about what your practice is and what it needs. This Laureate Tool is both a unique and objective way to look at your practice. Discover the realities of your business and gain clarity on:

The 9 Key Business Questions
  1. What do you DO?
  2. What do you REALLY DO?
  3. What do you BELIEVE IN?
  4. How do you DEFINE SUCCESS?
  5. How do you MEASURE SUCCESS?
  6. What are your internal characteristics – STRENGTHS?
  7. What are your internal characteristics – WEAKNESSES?
  8. What are your external characteristics – OPPORTUNITIES that affect you?
  9. What are your external characteristics – THREATS that affect you?

Nine Key Business Questions (click > to play). Listen on iPad/Smart Device.)


Counseling & Communication

Wealth Strategies Client Engagement

Achieving client’s specific goals through the process of Review, Design, and Implementation through authority on and clarity of:

  • Problem
  • Possible Solutions
  • Implementation

Wealth Strategies Client Partnering

Achieving client’s specific goals through the process of Review, Design, and Implementation through authority on and clarity of:

  • Problem and what’s behind it
  • Possible Solutions when former goals are less or not important
  • Implementation and commitment to solution, timeline, and responsibilities

More attention paid to

  • Rapport – a continued feeling of connection
  • Relevance – Current personal perspective related to the subject
  • Expanding engagement
  • Encouraging “new/deeper/clearer thought and what’s behind it”
    • “Suspect Thought”
    • Resulting in former goals as less or not important
  • Understanding and committing to “We Can Help”
  • Proactive commitment to process
  • Expectations – setting, continuously reaffirming, achieving, and “whole plus one”

Consistently creating“new/deeper/clearer thought and what’s behind it” to provide asafe space for clients.

Wealth Strategies Advisor Grounding

Helping Advisors realize the role of “thought” behind it all.

Advanced Case Management – Processes & Protocols

  • Processes that worked before may not support a practice serving wealthy clients – receive and fine tune processes and systems to support you and your team’s implementation of LWS
  • Continuously enhance your systems to stay current with process, team, and technology changes
  • Continually enhance your protocols of how to interact with client and advisors, as our industry is impacted by tax, marketing, legal/financial, and media influences

Case Studies – Review, Design, and Implementation Labs

Click Here to view Sample 2014 Technical Case Studies Content

  • Learn strategies for wealth families in models you can implement and explain
  • Stay abreast of changes caused by new laws, economic conditions, financial products, and the impact of the media
  • In our Practice Labs, through group role playing, you will practice on each other, not your clients.
  • A safe environment to learn to explain complex strategies in models your clients can understand
  • In each session collaborate to create your group’s version of that case’s design plan and then present and combine with others to create that session’s Integrate Strategies Playbook.

Click here to learn more about the LWS curriculum and training.

The Laureate in Wealth Strategies Program is a 1-Year Certification Program for Attorneys, Financial Planners, CPAs, Life Insurance Planners, Charitable Gift Officers, and others involved in serving Affluent Families. The program is centered on the concept of Attracting & Working With Affluent Families, from Pre-engagement through Implementation & Confirmation. Over the year, we get together in 3 classroom sessions and 5 telephone conferences. The sessions are organized around the 3 Three Pillars: Counseling and Communication, Advanced Case Management, and Case Studies. The sessions are participatory and much of the course is case study driven to illustrate and examine practice techniques strategies, current strategies, role playing, conversations with Independent Collaborative Advisors (ICAs), and staff/team participation — all to attract and work with Affluent Families.
Contact The Laureate Center for Wealth Advisors at [email protected] or by calling (858) 200-1919. We are happy to send out a Laureate in Wealth Strategies Information & Application Kit and answer any questions you may have. We are also available to set-up a time for you to talk with David K. Cahoone, Joseph J. Strazzeri, or Stephen J. Mancini.

The Laureate Center for Wealth Advisors provides cutting edge training from industry leaders in advanced wealth, business, estate, and income tax planning.