Thoughts from Recent Graduates

“I can’t wait for LWS! I have been putting the AWS materials to work already and it has transformed my practice. I’ll follow the link to sign up for May.”

Antreas Hindoyan

After more than 30 years practicing as a technician, I recently realized that technical competency is no longer the primary focus of engagements.  Dealing with family issues, passing on legacy values and proper communications are things that motivate clients these days.  Through the Laureate training I received, I feel confident and capable of delivering the needed counseling skills on the soft side.  Laureate training is practical, comprehensive and really works. I highly encourage and recommend it.”

Howard Neiswender, Laureate Graduate

“The Laureate program delivered what it promised and much more.  Steve, David, Joe and their team are incredibly generous with their knowledge, practice management tools, and counseling techniques. Through the collaborative case studies, even seasoned professionals will gain incredible insight that will add to the profitability and joy of working on complex cases. In addition, building relationships with the Laureate faculty and other graduates has given me unique resources that allow me to practice with confidence. But having been through the program twice, I must say that Laureate is not for the average practitioner. For those who want to stand out from the competition and rediscover themselves professionally and personally, the Laureate program is a must. I plan on coming back regularly to keep my practice on track.”

Jackie Real-Salas, Laureate Graduate

“I had an experience this week where I completely used Laureate skills on a client that wouldn’t exactly be deemed a Laureate client.  Thought I would share.

Client is a retired estate planning attorney.  He has about $5M in IRAs, stocks and real estate.  Nice guy very detailed.  Nice wife.  They were really cute in that they kept having these conversations with each other right in front of me (I saw that as very bonded).  He had sent me a 3 page e-mail about how much he loved his kids, how grounded they were, how they had great marriages, etc., etc.

We were going through my normal $5M conversation – I had this gut instinct that there was a $10M question that needed to be answered.  So, I took a deep breath, exuded quiet confidence, and “artfully” worked the conversation.  Finally, we reached a place where he told me that his son would have no idea what to do with a $2M inheritance and we began exploring options to solve his dilemma.

Why am I sharing?  When I see you at conventions, and chat with you at your table, I hear people tell you – I don’t have enough HNW clients to invest in your class.  I think this is a classic example where I was working with a client who wasn’t technically HNW, but during my meeting, I told myself – “exhibit quiet confidence,” you need to get the answer to the $10M question.  Laureate makes us better planners.  I use the tools that you taught ALL the time – even when I am not working with an official Laureate type client!  Thanks again.”

Darcy Houghton, Laureate Graduate

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