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laurel_crown_1-2 The Gathering

Networking, Learning, and Advice

The Gathering is an annual event in February for all advisors in Estate, Business, and Wealth Strategies Planning. The format of the two-day event is designed to to engage all participants in a conversation where audience interaction is as critical as what is communicated from presenters who are experts in their field who enjoy sharing and who give of themselves and their time.
$420 Participation Fee


laurel_crown_1-2 Advisor in Wealth Strategies (AWS)

Increase Your Technical Knowledge

The AWS is a 5-day certification program intended for successful professionals that are wondering “what’s next?”  In a high-paced, interactive model, wealth advisors from all disciplines collaboratively learn:

  • A far deeper understanding of today’s options and pitfalls in base level estate, financial, and tax planning;
  • Technical Knowledge in Wealth and Business Strategies;
  • Product and Strategy Marketing;
  • Practice Management Processes; and
  • The Difference and Intricacies between Base Level Advice and Wealth Strategies Engagement.

AWS serves as a pre-requisite for the LWS Program.
$4,500 Participation Fee


laurel_crown_1-2 Laureate in Wealth Strategies (LWS)

Improve Your Quiet Confidence

The LWS Program is a 5-day certification program for ASW graduates seeking to attract, engage, and work with high-net worth families, business owners, and the other professional advisors they work with.  In this collaborative model, Laureates learn:

  • Wealth strategies client partnering; benefit and process marketing;
  • Advanced case management – process and protocols; and
  • Integrated wealth strategies case studies in review, design, implementation, and maintenance labs.

$4,500 Participation Fee


laurel_crown_1-2 Laureate Advisors Bureau

Continue to Grow Your Practice

Members of the Laureate Advisors Bureau are LWS Graduates who stay involved and are trained to facilitate teams of advisors in our Laureate Programs and their own communities. Members also receive continued collaboration which provides you and your team a place to go for:

  • Up to date knowledge on cutting edge strategies for legal, tax, and financial planning and current issues;
  • Team training and support for maximum implementation;
  • Leadership, collaboration, and direction in an ever-changing world; and
  • Annual attendance at the Gathering for you and a guest as well as 1/2 price tuition for AWS and LWS 5-day refresher courses.
    $1,200 Participation Fee