It’s a personal thing…

You’ve worked hard to build a practice you are proud of, but are you wondering what’s next? How can you enhance your practice so that it is a true reflection of who you want
to be?

BTC is a course like no other. It will help you take a deeper look at your clients and yourself to use your personal combination of personality, skills, and life experience to develop your own unique blend and approach to landing more profound and lasting engagements.

Overcoming the obstacles related to business exit planning

In our teaching and speaking with thousands of successful advisors, we have found there are three common obstacles when facilitating exit planning as part of their practice:

Getting past the wall

Advisors successfully engage families for the early stage assessments, then hit a wall when it comes to converting to a comprehensive business exit planning engagement.

Keeping your bread and butter

There’s tension between the new practice area and the bread and butter of how you make money. When do you discuss or resurface your core practice area? How do you have the conversation confidently and effectively?

Getting caught not knowing

And then there’s that lifelong trepidation that every advisor faces: How do you know what you don’t know? What if you get caught not knowing? One false start could jeopardize a big financially important client.

Registration Information

DATE:                   Live & In-Person Only
.                             Saturday, September 28 & Sunday, September 29, 2024

LOCATION:          Southern California Institute, San Diego, CA

PRICE:                   $1,600 per person

What is it?

Two-days of deep self-reflection that results in increased awareness of you and your client’s behaviors to get engaged, compensated, and valued for the work you love the most.

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Finally, there’s a forum to address the true, underlying obstacles to doing this important work. Learn game changing insights from industry leaders who not only teach it, but attract, engage, and work with business owners and their families to solve their succession planning needs every day.

Live Curriculum – 20+ Exercises and Tools

A catalyst for critical thinking, reflection and profound conversations, this course will include a combination of 20+ different applications, including:

  • Deep-dive self-reflection exercises
  • Role plays
  • Case studies
  • Conversation tools
  • Practice tools
  • Self-developed personal and business action item lists

Prevail with fresh thinking, boots-on-the-ground language and tools, and crucial post-course integration support to keep you and your team on track when life gets in the way.

BTC 2025 Dates

Saturday, February 22 – Sunday, February 23, 2025

Saturday, September 20 – Sunday, September 21, 2025

(Registration for February 2025 will open shortly after the September 2024 class) 

This program is offered by the Southern California Institute and the Exit Planning Institute