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  • Elder Care Planning

    Planning for the 4th Quarter of Your Client’s Life


    Expert in Elder Law? Estate planning is not what it used to be. As an industry we planned very well for our clients in the moments before they die and after their death – but we woefully under planned for their disability, especially a long-term disability. Valerie and Scott will go over not only the opportunities to help our past clients correct their plans, but also how to use this “4th  Quarter” planning of life concept to attract and deeply help those individuals and couples over 60 years old – and even those younger families. This may be your next evolution as a practitioner.

    (Purchase of this product will include a Video recording, an Audio recording, and a PDF copy of the presentation.)

    Presented by Valerie Peterson, JD and Scott Stewart, Esq.

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  • What Now for Estate Planning – 20% Off – Full 9 Part Series


    What Now for Estate Planning Attorneys and Their Practice?

    March 22, 2013, San Diego, CA


    The Southern California Institute is very excited to provide this unique opportunity for Estate Planning Attorneys to
    compare and contrast various services such as marketing, drafting software, practice management, communication
    software, and education programs – all in one place! Join us for a full day with the providers themselves –
    understand the tools available to help you determine what you should be doing to attract, engage, and work with your
    favorite clients now; learn new ways to increase your revenue; and/or determine your new direction for this year and next.

    (Purchase of this product will include an Audio recording of each presentation and a PDF copy of most presentations.
    Some presentations were presented using proprietary software and no Power Points were provided.)

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  • Elder Care Planning



    Our population is aging rapidly while long-term care costs continue to rise. Now more than ever seniors and their loved ones are concerned about how to find and pay for long-term care. Assisting seniors and their families with planning to cover these issues before a health care crisis occurs is a valuable service that very few attorneys are currently offering. In this session Valerie will show you how you can leverage your estate planning knowledge to offer a different type of asset protection for a very special segment of our population – our seniors.

    (Purchase of this product will include an Audio recording and a PDF copy of the presentation.)

    Presented by Valerie Peterson

    Click play to watch a short video about ‘ElderCounsel’

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