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  • The Gathering 2018 – The Complete Package


    Our 14th annual Gathering is two days of shared insights, education, and collegiality. The Gathering is an annual event for all advisors in Estate, Business, and Wealth Strategies Planning. As we gather and work together we can, through collegiality and collaboration, provide the leadership our clients are seeking to offer clarity and direction for their planning needs.

    The presenters are each experts in their field who enjoy sharing and who give of themselves and their time. Their unique skills, wisdom, and judgement are truly invaluable. With our Thought Leader Community as your resource, you don’t have to master the answer to every client quandary. Instead you become courageously armed with the right questions and resources. This We-driven mindset is transformational for you, your practice, and your clients.

    (Purchase of this product will include Video recordings, Audio recordings, and PDF copies of the Presentations.)

    Click here to see the Gathering Agenda with the list of the presentations and presenters.

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  • The Gathering 2018 – Advantages of Working with a Community Foundation – Business, Real Estate, and Estate Succession Planning


    In this deep dive presentation, Baruch and Ellen will focus on the value add that charitable planning provides and ways to incorporate these techniques into your exit planning practice for the benefit of your clients. Understand the three key planning areas of: technical/document strategies; advantages of using stock or partnership interests when exiting or refinancing, and the benefit of legacy. Learn how charitable planning may help a business owner have a better, more satisfying life, and a better relationship with their family.

    (Purchase of this product will include a Video recording, an Audio recording, and a PDF copy of the Presentation.)

    Presented by Baruch Littman and Ellen Rosen, Esq.

    Click here to see the Gathering Agenda with the list of the presentations and presenters.

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