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  • The Gathering 2018 – How to be a Business Influencer – Your Pathway to Motivation


    Whether you work for an organization or you’re building one, being a business influencer is critical to developing new business. As you seek for you or your brand to be known, there is a lot of noise that can get in the way to the ideal target clients actually finding you in their search. With a plan and a few key steps, we show you how to get started. Join this active workshop where we show you how to jump in, have fun and get started to become an influencer in your professional world.

    (Purchase of this product will include a Video recording, an Audio recording, and a PDF copy of the Presentation.)

    Presented by Dean DeLisle and Shelley Lightfoot

    Click here to see the Gathering Agenda with the list of the presentations and presenters.

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  • Building Impactful Automation | A Real Life Walkthrough of “Result Producing” Automation Practices


    Like you, we don’t suffer from lack of opportunity, but we found out that our business model suffered from lack of good follow up.  How much revenue do we each lose from the point of a client (and advisor) interest, to them dropping off our scope?  Lost opportunity is loss of pure profit.  Myke and Shelley will explain how to use potential client conversion software while remaining profitable and professional. Experience a documented implementation of CRM, Marketing, and Ecommerce campaigns; Dive into ACTIVE Marketing Automation Funnels and learn how the automation affects your business’s results; and Learn Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder Tool: Lead Generation, Referral, and Customer Onboarding processes.
    (Purchase of this product will include an Video recording and a PDF copy of the presentation.)
    Presented by Myke Edelman & Shelley Lightfoot

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  • Cloud Based Software – Everything You Always Needed and Wanted


    Practice Management is silly and insane without an integrated, easy, and usable cloud-based CRM with forms/process capability, tracking, emails, scheduling, To-Do’s, case management, and all that other stuff in one place – where the transition is managed by an expert team and not your staff.  Join our friends Ali and Tomas to make sense of the decision you have to make.  NOTE:  We moved from Time Matters!

    (Purchase of this product will include a Video recording, an Audio recording, and a PDF copy of the presentation.)

    Presented by Ali Mirdamadi and Tomas Suros




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