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  • The Gathering 2018 – How to be a Business Influencer – Your Pathway to Motivation


    Whether you work for an organization or you’re building one, being a business influencer is critical to developing new business. As you seek for you or your brand to be known, there is a lot of noise that can get in the way to the ideal target clients actually finding you in their search. With a plan and a few key steps, we show you how to get started. Join this active workshop where we show you how to jump in, have fun and get started to become an influencer in your professional world.

    (Purchase of this product will include a Video recording, an Audio recording, and a PDF copy of the Presentation.)

    Presented by Dean DeLisle and Shelley Lightfoot

    Click here to see the Gathering Agenda with the list of the presentations and presenters.

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  • LinkedIn New Business Class – How to Generate Referrals in Less Than 5 Minutes


    In today’s busy world of Social Selling, you need to make the most of the time you have online. Dean and Shelley will guide you through some amazing time-saving power moves. Learn a proven outcome-based system that allows you to dramatically increase referrals in less time. In fact, once you start the process you will literally get referrals while you sleep! Dean and Shelley will cover specific techniques to immediately use after leaving the class:
    • Find business owners in your target market
    • Attract new referrals from your network
    • Learn how to be effective in just a few minutes online

    (Purchase of this product will include a Video recording, an Audio recording, and a PDF copy of the presentation.)

    Presented by Dean DeLisle, Forward Progress and Shelley Lightfoot, Executive Director




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  • Behind the Scenes at SCI – Stewardship, Social Media, Virtual Learning, Freemiums, Tracking, and More!


    We make mistakes – lots of them.  But one thing we know for sure is that the only way to be a leader in your industry is to try new things and then share what you’ve learned with your friends.  Get down and dirty with Shelley, Mike, and Brett as they share how we do what we do in the big bad world of digital communications.

    (Purchase of this product will include an Video & Audio recording and a PDF copy of the presentation.)

    Presented by Shelley Lightfoot, Executive Director, Mike Armstrong, Electronic Presence Director, and Brett Littlewood, Social Media Director

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