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  • The Gathering 2018 – Providing Wisdom, Leadership, and Planning in Tumultuous Times


    What a year it’s been since we were last together at the 2017 Laureate Gathering! Our 14th annual Current Developments Session will dig into to the planning opportunities and pitfalls created by the newly minted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. We’ll focus on the most practical and relevant topics of conversation and planning opportunities for financial advisors, attorneys, CPAs, philanthropic advisors, trust officers and insurance professions to share with clients and prospective clients. Finally, we’ll examine how true collaboration among a team of advisors is even more important in the 2018 maelstrom to help our clients discover and implement a critical path to their Enlightened Dreams ™

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    Presented by David K. Cahoone, Esq.

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  • Estate Planning

    What Matters?


    Traditionally, people, especially professionals, have limited any discussion of wealth to financial assets: investments, real estate, cash, and worldly possessions. But when asked what we value most in life the majority of people say: family, health, friends, values, skills, and relationships. We might even add our accumulated wisdom, education, life lessons, and our experiences in the school of hard knocks. Furthermore, when asked what the biggest investment we ever made in our lives was, people typically respond with the time, energy, love, and commitment they made in building their family. “What Matters” will introduce you to a more holistic view of Family Wealth. This discovery will change everything you’ve ever thought about estate planning.

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    Presented by John Jenkins, CEO

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