Create a Collaborative Multi-Disciplinary Team

Successfully attracting and helping affluent families in today’s market requires a multi-disciplinary approach. However, developing a successful team is more challenging than it sounds. In this highly interactive course, the instructors will facilitate your potential independent collaborative team members through various considerations such as effective introductions, choosing compensation, sharing revenue/costs, remaining independent, competing with institutions offering varied services, choosing a process, and developing a shared message. Utilize this session to vet, understand, and decide on which advisors should be on your team. Discover what really makes collaboration effective and learn the 3 key common concepts for all successful multi-disciplinary teams.

Course Objectives:

  • Attract affluent clients
  • Learn what it takes to work together effectively
  • Create an effective process
  • Develop a shared message
  • Revenue sharing

(for teams trying to decide if this is right for them)
3 Key Concepts Common to All Successful Teams

  • Reverence
  • Quiet confidence
  • Quarterback

Choosing a Process

  • Process and benefit versus product and strategy
  • Options for process
  • Handling conflicts/multiple teams
  • General meeting process
  • Translation tools

Introducing Each Other

  • Do we like each other?
  • Client and other advisor “measuring sticks”
  • Handling referrals
  • Support each other and own practice through subtlety
  • Technical ability is only “ticket-to-play”
  • What do you want your friends to say about you?

Marketing Together

  • Programming
  • Publications, books, and large successful cases
  • Concept of “yes, we can help”

Review Assignments and Next Steps

Conclusion & Insights

(for teams who have made the decision to work together)
In addition to the ½ day content, the team will:

  • Develop a collaborative introduction model
  • Create a joint team meeting process
  • Learn how to conduct a team meeting
  • Develop team message/language

Engagement Fee:  $12,500 per day