Pre-requisites and Qualifications

  • Industry credential and/or expert (for example: CFP, CPA, Esq., or CLU)
  • Previous teaching experience within wealth planning industry
  • 5 years of wealth planning experience
  • Completion and concept implementation of the team teaching course – The Facilitation Experience
  • Completion of Wealth Advisor Practice Assessment
  • Application and approval by Wealth Education Fellows Board
  • Annual re-application and approval by board

Certification and Benefits

  • Monthly newsletter
  • 50% off Wealth Advisor Curriculum participation fees
  • Quarterly member only networking parties
  • Wealth Education Instructor website listing
  • SCI “Wealth Education Instructor” certification
  • Wealth Advisor Education Events teaching opportunities
  • Speakers Bureau speaking opportunities

Engagement fee $2500 for first year and $1200 for subsequent years

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