Membership Opportunities

networkingIn our community, participants find themselves receiving and contributing in unanticipated ways. They often remark that there’s liberation in the power of We. This We-driven mindset sets a transformation in motion. With our community as your resource, you don’t have to master the answer to every quandary. Instead you become courageously armed with the right questions, and a think tank of best-in-class professionals equipped with the answers.

The SCI Academy is designed to allow members to gather online and enjoy the content they have come to know over the years in an organized, easy to use fashion. We have structured the membership center and academy to help you enjoy the benefits of education, resources, connections and more in on-demand or live formats.

Financial, Legal, Estate, Long-Term Care, Business, Real Estate, and Tax Professionals become members of SCI to acquire access to:

  • Hundreds of digital and live educational events and programs with legal and financial subject experts
  • Higher-level technical and practice management education and certification programs for legal and financial professionals
  • Event Partnering and Management
  • A marketplace and resource center for members to search and connect with each other; as well as a portal to source new business owner clients.

(Click on the image below to see a larger, inter-active chart with details for each offering.)

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