Membership Opportunities

Membership Opportunities with the Southern California Institute

The Education Members, Wealth Education Instructors, and Wealth Education Fellows of the Institute are all experts in their field, who enjoy teaching and who give of themselves and their time. They all believe strongly in the power of collaboration, assisting each other in many ways: providing expertise and unique knowledge, sharing their experience and wisdom, and helping other professionals become better at what they do.

Education Members, Wealth Education Instructors, and Wealth Education Fellows also provide significant benefits to the prospects and clients of the professionals who utilize the Institute’s collaborative network, adding knowledge and judgment to specific legal matters, educational and informational events, and offering opportunities for prospects and clients to truly understand the complexities of legal and business members. 

Wealth Education Fellows of the Institute include those advisors that have met credential requirements and have received a “Fellow” certification from the Wealth Education Fellows Board. They are uniquely prepared to educate and serve advisors and clients through their own regional representation of the SCI platform. Collaboration between SCI Fellows allows each of us to better serve the Wealth Strategies planning needs of our clients. They also continue to share and teach with other Fellows and Members.

Wealth Education Instructors of the Institute include those Members who are qualified to teach and present our educational programming to other financial professionals on a regular basis.

Educational Members of the Institute include all those professionals who take an active interest in expanding their knowledge base and collaborative relationships in wealth strategies planning for their clients. Members have and currently attend the Institute’s educational programming, and participate in an active dialogue geared towards understanding and developing the latest estate planning techniques.

We are extremely proud of our group of subject matter experts and take great pleasure in providing them the means to help so many professionals, individuals and business owners.Feel free to browse all the different Members who are a part of the Southern California Institute.



The Southern California Institute helps Wealth Advisors and clients through Successful Family and Business Owner Events, Wealth Advisor Education Programs, Wealth Advisor Partnering Programs, and Speakers Bureaus.