Getting Started for Successful Families

Getting Started for Successful Families, Business, & Real Estate Owners In the internet age finding raw information on wealth planning is easy – sifting through it to decide on what is best for your family and finding advisors in line with your ideas, now that’s the hard part. Through group workshops and private introductions SCI offers clarity through:


Family Care Workshops

FamilyCare™ Workshops are informational courses, seminars, and educational series offered to business owners, real estate owners, and families with taxable estates.


Gone Fishin’ for a Better Business, a Better Life

Bond and share experiences with fellow business owners while conducting a five-day business and fly fishing program in Wyoming.

The Balanced Life, a Clarity Retreat in Hawaii

A week-long Clarity Retreat in Hawaii, co-sponsored with Sharp Hospital, gives attendees the strategies to harness the power of their health, wealth and wellness, bringing greater balance and harmony to their lives.

SCI is a gathering of independent collaborative wealth advisors who are experts to the experts in their field, instructors, and compassionate wealth practitioners. Click through our site, or simply call us, to find answers appropriate for you, and the advisors to become part of your team.

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