Who We Are and What We Believe

The Laureate Center for Wealth Advisors is a collaborative group of financial advisors, attorneys, CPA’s, life insurance professionals, and other interdisciplinary professionals who meet the needs of wealthy families by helping them achieve their enlightened dreams.  Laureates develop a quiet confidence through education, training and sharing of life experience.  We understand that the wealthy are put off by the tactics of competition and scarcity amongst advisors – like a know-it-all approach, fighting for control or trashing the competition.  Most affluent families are searching for those with the quiet confidence to help them navigate the world of planning.

Laureates know it is necessary to create a safe place for the client, away from worldly distractions, that is free from judgment.  In such a safe place, we discern what goals and objectives the client has and facilitate them into a workable Wealth Strategies Plan and Implementation.

Collaboration is the answer.  In today’s complex world of wealth, business, and tax planning no one profession has all the answers.  Affluent clients understand this and are best served by integrated collaborative teams and plans.  Though there are many models, successful ones share common characteristics of: independence, mutual respect, open mindedness, collegial tone, technical knowhow, professionalism, listening, patience, process, and follow through.

Laureates are trained by industry leaders and share best practices with professionals across the country.  Our teaching style is not lecturing, but facilitative and interactive as we share and learn from others across the country.  The Laureate is a place members can go for career long learning, not only for tax, legal, and industry information, but for insights on client’s needs and concerns in our ever-changing world of marketing and implementation.  The Laureate Center for Wealth Advisors’ Primary Aim is to be a profession-long relationship, providing support, collegiality and innovation.


  1. We attract and engage families through our planning process and the benefits it produces, rather than through products or documents.
  2. We develop integrated wealth plans through listening and communicating understandable, workable models to clients.
  3. We create a practice that is both a profitable business and a fulfilling profession.
  4. We create more money and quality time for our team, our family, and ourselves in a responsible, enjoyable manner.

Meet the Founders

The Laureate Center for Wealth Advisors provides cutting edge training from industry leaders in advanced wealth, business, estate, and income tax planning.