Programs & Events


The Laureate Center is designed to provide you with training and support for the length of your career.   Learn how to get started, how to continually enhance your practice and how to use the Laureate to meet and work with other professional advisors.

  • The Gathering – the premiere  wealth, business and estate planning event in our industry to bring together all advisors types working in the affluent
    market who wish to collaborate with one another. Open to both Laureates and non-Laureates.
  • Laureate in Wealth Strategies (LWS) – Learn how to get started, how to continually enhance your practice and how to use the Laureate to meet and work with Successful Business Owners, their Families and other Professional Advisors they work with.
  • The Laureate Circle – your continued collaboration which provides you and your team a place to go not just for technical updates and Laureate Marketing  but to see how others are adjusting to changes and discover what’s working and not working in the industry, as well as membership in the Laureate Advisor Bureau.