Your learning continues by obtaining your Laureate in Wealth Strategies (LWS)


Laureate in Wealth Strategies Refines and Grows your knowledge in the Four Pillars

to help more complex clients and their advisors they work with,

generating great benefits for clients, advisors, and yourself.


Improve Your Quiet Confidence



The LWS Program is a 5-day certification program for CSWA graduates seeking to attract, engage, and work with high-net worth families, business owners, and the other professional advisors they work with.  In this collaborative model, Laureates learn:

  • wealth strategies client partnering; benefit and process marketing;
  • advanced case management – process and protocols; and
  • integrated wealth strategies case studies in review, design, implementation, and maintenance labs.

$4,500 Participation Fee



Technical Knowledge

  • Case Studies – Review, Design, Implementation, and Maintenance Labs
    • Learn integrated wealth strategies for families and businesses in models you can implement and explain (in a safe environment)
    • Stay abreast of changes caused by new laws, economic conditions, financial products, and media impact
    • In our Practice Labs, through group role playing, you will practice on each other, not your clients
    • Collaborate to create your group’s version of that case’s design plan and then present and combine with others to create your Integrated Strategies Playbook




  • Benefit & Process Marketing
    • Advanced Case Benefits Marketing:
      • Maintaining control over yourself and your affairs;
      • Assuring lifestyle;
      • Asset Protection;
      • Income tax reduction
      • Federal gift and estate tax reduction;
      • Managing the value of the family business; and
      • Passing value and responsibility to family members.
    • Advanced Case Process Marketing – Review, Design, Implementation, and Maintenance through:
      • Introductory Call;
      • Gathering;
      • Evaluation;
      • Initial Visit;
      • Analyzing & Testing;
      • Building the Plan;
      • Presenting the Preliminary Plan;
      • Presenting the Advanced Plan;
      • Implementation; and
      • Yearly Maintenance.



Practice Management

  • Advanced Case Management – Processes & Protocols
    • Processes that worked before may not support a practice serving wealthy clients – receive and fine tune processes and systems to support you and your team’s implementation of LWS
    • Continuously enhance your systems to stay current with process, team, and technology changes
    • Continually enhance your protocols of how to interact with client and advisors, as our industry is impacted by tax, marketing, legal/financial, and media influences


laurel_crown_1-2 Counseling & Communication

  • Wealth Strategies Client Partnering
    • Achieving client’s specific goals through the process of Review, Design, and Implementation through authority on and clarity of:
      • Problem and what’s behind it;
      • Possible Solutions when former goals are less or not important; and
      • Implementation and commitment to solution, timeline, and responsibilities
    • More attention paid to:
      • Rapport – A continued feeling of connection;
      • Relevance – Current personal perspective related to the subject;
      • Expanding engagement;
      • Encouraging “new/deeper/cleaner thought and what’s behind it”;
        • “Suspect thought”
        • Resulting in former goals as less or not important
      • Understanding and committing to “We Can Help”;
      • Proactive commitment to process; and
      • Expectations – Setting, continuously reaffirming, achieving, and “whole plus one”
    • Consistently creating “new/deeper/clearer thought and what’s behind it” to provide a safe space for clients
  • Wealth Strategies Advisor Grounding
    • Helping Advisors realize the role of “thought” behind it all


Our Upcoming Dates

2017 Program Schedule spacer 2018 Program Schedule spacer Participation Fee: $4,500
The Gathering The Gathering For each 5-day Certification Course
February 24th – 25th February 22nd – 23rd (CWSA and LWS)
May 2nd – 6th May 1th – 5th
September 12th – 16th September 11th – 15th


This curriculum provides you cutting edge training from industry leaders in advanced wealth, business, estate, and income tax planning.  More importantly, LWS provides you the training and insight to attract and engage wealthy clients and the advisors they work with.

– Quarterback a team of advisors supporting your client
– Explain complex strategies in understandable, client language
– Price for your intellectual property and the value you create
– Find your quiet confidence as a leader and resource to clients and their advisors

View full list of the benefits of obtaining your Laureate in Wealth Strategies.
– Counseling & Communication – Financial, Tax, and Legal
– Advanced Case Management – Processes & Protocols
– Case Studies – Review, Design, and Implementation Labs

The Laureate in Wealth Strategies is taught over one year, in three, three-day sessions.  In each session you learn elements from each of the Three Pillars that you can immediately implement in your practice to generate revenue. Your LWS also includes complimentary attendance at The Gathering, a premiere Laureate annual event.

View Sample 2014 Technical Case Study Curriculum

View Sample Curriculum

An important part of implementing the Laureate process is to successfully reflect what you do in your marketing.  Click here to see what your membership includes.

A key element of implementing any new process into your practice is the training and support of your team.  Through internet and conference calls, the Laureate team works with your team to take ownership of the Laureate model and implement it into your practice.

We support your team in buying into the vision of your enhanced practice, taking ownership and accountability for its success and finding areas of growth for both the practice and themselves.  Our collaboration results in your team being empowered and excited by the opportunities created by Laureate rather than being reluctant or “too busy” to implement new strategies.

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The Laureate Center for Wealth Advisors provides cutting edge training from industry leaders in advanced wealth, business, estate, and income tax planning.