Wealth Advisor Practice Assessment

“Identify and contrast the differences, concerns, and opportunities of the reality of your firm
compared to what you believe it is and what you want it to be.”

Qualifications and Pre-requisites

  • Industry credential and/or expert (for example: CFP, CPA, Esq., or CLU)
  • Previous teaching experience within wealth planning industry
  • 5 years of wealth planning experience
  • Completion and concept implementation of the team teaching course – The Facilitation Experience
  • Application and approval by Wealth Education Fellows Board
  • Note: for professionals that do not meet the above, SCI can offer tailored group practice assessments.

Practice Assessment

Initial Focus
We meet for about an hour with your team to listen and ask questions in order to gain a basic understanding of the firm’s particular situation and concerns.  Where appropriate, we explain our assessment process and set a time and agenda for the Nine Key Business Question Session.

As defined from the Initial Focus meeting, members of the firm complete confidential and thought provoking “homework.”  We then compile, sort, find similarities and anomalies, and gain a rough insight from the information and ideas provided.

Nine Key Business Questions Session
We facilitate the members of the firm for a half day of planning to help you learn more about what your practice is and what it needs.  The firm evaluates each others’ answers to gain clarity and identify areas of alignment as well as enhancements.

Report and Enhancement Assignments
From your team’s efforts, we compile, analyze, and develop a report on the:

  • Raw and sorted original firm members’ “homework;”
  • Combined brainstorming boards with “weighted” results; and
  • Firm’s Enhancement Initiatives with team assignments.

The firm’s ownership meets with our team to review and clarify the results of our engagement and possible future enhancement initiatives.

Engagement Fee starting at $12500

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