The Performance Team

“The Sales, Administration, and Leadership Production Discriminator – Your informed, delegated, and motivated team will outperform pure talent at every level creating a compelling environment for your clients, team, and yourself.”

Initial Focus
We meet for about an hour with your team to listen and ask questions in order to gain a basic understanding of the team’s concerns for the firm and business. Where appropriate, we explain our Performance Team process and set a time and agenda for the Firm Performance Roundtable.

As defined from the Initial Focus meeting, members of the firm complete confidential and thought provoking “homework” and participate in possible interviews. We then compile, sort, find similarities and anomalies, and gain a rough insight from the information and ideas provided.

Firm Performance Roundtable
Firm members participate in an interactive “team environment” to define and talk through your firm’s unique opportunities, concerns, and challenges. Choosing possible solutions before understanding the cause of the problem or concern often has teams ineffectively addressing the symptoms. Discover the obvious and what is behind it. The team then decides on a course of action and Action Items, if any. The second day continues with wealth advisor team training and counseling to attract, engage, and work with affluent families, businesses, and their wealth advisors. The team refines their skills in creating client rapport, being relevant, and committing to “We Can Help”; all resulting in deeper client engagements and team satisfaction.

Report and Action Items
From your team’s efforts thus far, we compile, analyze, and develop a report on the:

  • Raw and sorted original firm members’ “homework;”
  • Combined brainstorming boards with “weighted” results; and
  • Firm’s Action Items with team assignments, if any.

Action Items Follow Up Where appropriate we are available for phone consultations for your team members as they develop and implement your firm’s Action Items.

Confirmation The firm’s ownership meets with our team to review and clarify the results of our engagement.

Engagement Fee: $12,500 per day