The Inspiring Message

“Develop Customer and Team Centered Benefit and Process Marketing to Inspire Action.”

Initial Focus
We meet for about an hour with your team to listen and ask questions in order to gain a basic understanding of the firm’s particular branding, marketing, and messaging concerns. Where appropriate, we explain our Inspiring Message process and set a time and agenda for the Benefit & Process Marketing Session.

As defined from the Initial Focus meeting, members of the firm complete confidential and thought provoking “homework” and may participate in interviews. We then compile, sort, find similarities and anomalies, and gain a rough insight from the information and ideas provided in conjunction with the results of the firm’s “Your Future Company” results.

Benefit & Process Marketing Session
We facilitate the owners and key team members of the firm through specific marketing questions for two days of firm branding, marketing, and messaging refinement. The group first chooses direction, intent, market share, and desired results from their perspective and the results of the Gathering.

For the balance of the first day, the group develops client benefit statements, lines of business, and client centered “thirty-thousand foot view” language for each line of business and process. The second day is dedicated to refinement of message and confirmation of intent and effectiveness as well as recording of final language.


  • From your team’s efforts thus far, we compile, analyze, and develop a report on the:
  • Raw and sorted original firm members’ “homework;”
  • Combined original brainstorming ideas and language boards with “weighted” results;
  • Group’s finalized Inspiring Message; and
  • Suggested future enhancements.

Marketing Implementation Follow Up
Where appropriate we are available for phone consultations for your team members and your marketing implementation firm as they develop and deploy your firm’s Inspiring Message.

The firm’s ownership meets with our team to review and clarify the results of our engagement.

Engagement Fee:  $12,500 per day