Wealth Advisor Education Programs


“Wealth Strategies Education, Networking, and Collaboration – In today’s complex world it is more important than ever that we gather together to share insights, education, and collegiality. Sift through, understand, communicate, and implement current affluent client planning options.”

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Thursday Insights

“Small, informal, and diverse groups of individual advisors come together each week to learn from one another, build collegial relationships, and create collaborative opportunities.”


Collaborate with California Wealth Advisors

“To work on client cases together, find Independent Collaborative Advisors (ICAs) who are leaders in their industry, translate the complex into understandable options, work as part of your team, and help you inspire your clients to take action.”


California Forums

“California Forums are 2-3 day annual symposiums concentrating on financial, business, estate, and wealth planning topics and strategies”


Practice Developer Programs

“PDPs are six-month institutional certification programs designed to help advisors find, understand, and communicate revenue opportunities that help clients and customers in today’s market.”


Laureate Center for Wealth Advisors

The Laureate Center for Wealth Advisors has helped hundreds of attorneys, financial advisors, accountants, bankers, and insurance professionals take their practices to the next level. We will help you increase your ability to attract and engage higher net worth clients and their advisors through our three pillars of: Counseling, Advanced Case Management, and Case Studies.


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The Southern California Institute helps Wealth Advisors and clients through Successful Family and Business Owner Events, Wealth Advisor Education Programs, Wealth Advisor Partnering Programs, and Speakers Bureaus.