What We Believe

The Southern California Institute provides high-quality, collaborative educational and informational events, relying on experts who are active in their profession. This collaboration enables the Institute to consistently present materials in a team-teaching environment. As a result, participants are able to gather the best facts, opinions, judgments, and perceptions from diverse, reliable sources.
The Southern California Institute strives to improve the lives of our Institute Members through continuous education and collaboration. Our mission focuses on facilitating professionals to grow their practices, build their confidence, enhance their credibility, and solidify their relationships with clients and colleagues

Collaboration with colleagues, rather than striving to compete with them, creates a collegial tone and community environment that fosters civil behavior and understanding. Living in a world of abundance rather than scarcity helps us to say yes to a colleague in need and better ourselves in the process.

Collectively, we seek — always — to serve each other and others.

The Southern California Institute shares uncommon knowledge, insights, and practical know-how at every level of educational need – from the beginning practitioners to post doctoral experts – all the while stressing the how-to of a successful practice and career.

SCI offers California’s most complete and ever-expanding business, estate, and wealth strategies planning curricula to meet Institute Member needs in all subspecialty practice sectors:

  • Practice Acumen (System and Procedures)
  • Client Relationships
  • Marketing and Rainmaking (Wholesale and Retail)
  • Personal Growth
  • Financial Management
  • Technical Law
  • Business Requirements and Discussions
  • The “Psychology” of the Successful Professional

We provide the best-of-the-best teachers/practitioners who are knowledgeable and experienced in practice realities. Experts in their field meaningfully share knowledge rather than showing it off: Colleagues who make the complex simple, rather than the simple complex.

We are a collegial entity and welcome all guests of our Institute Members at various Institute functions, regardless of whether they are fellow attorneys, accountants, financial planners, bankers, life insurance agents, planned giving officers, registered representative, trust officers, family members, or friends.


  • Listening for Understanding
  • Sharing Uncommon Expertise
  • Being Respectful and Collaborative
  • Going Beyond the Status Quo
  • Producing Goodwill and Enthusiasm
  • Being Thoughtfully Bold and Inventive
  • Serving Others

We show respect to all professionals – even if they view themselves as our competitors – and offer collaboration where doing so will better the profession.

We serve Institute Members and their attorney, accounting, charitable, financial, insurance, banking, and trust colleagues who are seeking better ways to assure quality inter-professional referrals and collaborative practices, so that they may deliver heightened value to their clients.

The Institute hosts a variety of events focused on client education and clarity, including the Family Care Workshops, the Balanced Life Retreat in Hawai’i, and the Gone Fishin’ Retreat. Theses events allow advisors to share with clients techniques that can improve their lives and help achieve their goals.

Institute resources are always available to Institute Members regardless of practice experience, expertise, sex, national origin, faith, color, sexual preference, or geographical location, in order to assist all Institute Members in enhancing their careers and personal well-being.

With the exception of the “Professional Codes of Conduct,” the only Institute rule is:
There are no rules — only principles.