SCI receives positive feedback on a weekly basis.  We thought we would share some of the recent comments below.


Thank you for allowing me to attend the SCI event this weekend. Not only did I learn, but the people I met really made an impact. You did a great job!

                -William B. Keesling, Financial Planner, Prudential


The California Forum was a great event. I made many important contacts and took home some great information.  Thanks!

                -Paul Zawilenski, Financial Advisor, Integrity Investment Management


I became an immediate student of the whole day. You have done such a remarkable job with this and I do hope you will get good leverage from it. I am becoming a fan of yours. I appreciate it a lot.

                -Win Englebert, VP & Business Development Officer, Security Business Bank of San Diego


Thank you so much for an incredible experience at the California Forum. I learned so much. It could not have been planned better. The speakers were engaging, the food was delicious and the setting was such a treat. I especially valued hearing from the keynote speakers. They had enough time to share more than specially their advice and expertise. I took voluminous notes and am now ready to put what I learned into practice. The best thing is that I made some new connections with whom I plan to follow up. Who knows where we may go?

                -Susan Fox, California Licensed Professional Fiduciary #84, Liberty Fiduciary Services